Skin Wisdom Set

Our Skin Wisdom Set is the ultimate skincare tool set. Whether you are a long term skincare lover or just starting off.

1 Silicone Facial Brush
1 Massage Roller
1 Facial Cupping Set
+ 2 Japanese Sheet Masks -1 Eye Mask and 1 Face Mask
 Comes in a sustainable re-usable box


Tool Contraindications:

Avoid using on broken, irritated or acne skin types to avoid spreading the problem. Do not use on fresh or new scars, sunburn, rosacea, eczema, herpes or other skin inflammations. Consult your Doctor if you use dermal fillers or had other cosmetic procedures, are pregnant, on blood thinners, have heart disease or other medical conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Tool Extra Information:

Wash all tools with anti-bacterial soap and warm water after each use. Dry thoroughly. Always follow lymphatic drainage diagram when using the Massage Roller and Facial Cups. 

Please see the User Manual that comes with your order for more detailed information and guidelines.

The Japanese Sheet Masks come with a English translation at the back. They might be different to what is in this picture.

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