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Facial cupping. facial cups. Cupping. Skin Wise. Glow. Massage. Skincare. Skincare routine.
Facial cupping. facial cups. Cupping. Skin Wise. Glow. Massage. Skincare. Skincare routine.
Facial cupping. facial cups. Cupping. Skin Wise. Glow. Massage. Skincare. Skincare routine.

Skin Wise

Mini Facial Cupping Set

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Description +

The Mini Facial Cups give a deep tissue massage to the face. They help to stimulate the blood flow and give energy to the skin. This results in a more luminous complexion.

Benefits: +

Stimulates blood flow, Brightens the skin, Can help to soften fine lines, Release tension held in the face (can also help headaches and sinus issues, Helps to tone chin and jawline, Reduces puffiness (works on the lymphatic system helping to remove toxins), Improves product absorption, Energizes dull, tired looking skin

Contraindications: +

Avoid using on broken, irritated or inflamed skin. Do not use on cold sores, acne, fresh or new scars, sunburn, rosacea, eczema, herpes, broken capillaries, undiagnosed lumps or swelling, melanoma or other cancers. Consult your Doctor if you use dermal fillers or had other cosmetic procedures, are pregnant, on blood thinners, have heart disease or other medical conditions. Be careful with bruising on very thin and loose skin - support very well in these areas or avoid.

How to use: +

Follow the arrows in the diagram. Start on one side of the face at a time. Repeat each movement 3 times. Large cup is for the chest, face and neck. The small cup is for the eye and mouth area.

- Step 1. Apply plenty oil on the skin. The more the better.

-Step 2. Start on the chest. Move outwards towards the arm pit. 3 times.

-Step 3. Move in short strokes (press and release cup) downwards on the side of the neck. 3 times.

-Step 4. Move from under the chin on the neck outwards. 3 times.

-Step 5. Move to the jaw line to the earlobe. 3 times.

-Step 6. Move from the corner of the mouth to the middle of the ear. 3 times.

-Step 7. Move from the corner of the nose to the top of the ear. 3 times.

-Step 8. Move from the eye contour to the temple. (Use small cup here and be very gentle on this delicate skin.) Press and release the cup slowly around this area. 3 times.

-Step 9. Move to the middle of the eyebrows and do upwards strokes to the forehead. 3 times.

-Step 10. Move in outwards strokes on the forehead. 3 times.

-Step 11. Go over the mouth area with the small cup. 3 times.

-Step 12. End your session with small short movements downwards on the neck for lymphatic drainage.

Finish your face cupping massage with your favorite  moisturizer.

*Please follow the arrows on the diagram carefully

Keep the cups moving and never hold them in one place.

Tips: +

Keep the cups moving at all times or you will get a bruise if you hold it in one place. Use no more than once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes. If the glide is not easy, apply more oil. If the suction breaks half way through an area, re- apply the cup and start again. The cups must be used with oil for slip. Never hold in one place or you will get a bruise. Always keep the cups moving.

How to care for: +

Wash with warm water and soap after each use.

Material +

Premium quality food grade silicone


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