Excellence Dual Forces

Excellence Dual Forces

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With this award-winning duo your skin will be in top-condition in 28 days!

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Nannic Coup D’Excellence DNA Elixir, a powerful, highly concentrated skin-booster that rejuvenates, lifts and matifies the skin.

Excellence EXT Cream, an ultra-moisturizing cream that combats premature skin aging, visibly repairs existing signs of skin aging and provides a beautiful and healthy look.

What this means for your skin: Gives an instant coup d’éclat effect and mattifies the skin. Visibly improves the moisture balance of the skin up to 200%. Provides fast and long lasting hydration and prevents flaking. Protects the DNA and promotes cell division. Reduces wrinkles and refines skin texture. Improves elasticity and lifts facial contours. Protects the skin from pollution and keeps skin stress under control. Repairs UV damage and protects against infrared. Prevents early ageing of skin. Rebalances the natural microbiome (probiotic). In short: this duo contains everything your skin needs to quickly regain balance with fewer wrinkles, tighter contours and a more beautiful complexion. Because healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Use: Apply in the morning and the evening to thoroughly cleansed face, neck and cleavage. First apply the Coup d’Excellence serum, wait 10 minutes (for a mattifying effect) and then apply your Excellence EXT cream.


Nannic Coup D’Excellence DNA Elixir: Sclerotium gum: (Stabilizer, emulsifier): Based on a 100% natural gel structure of Sclerotium gum. Rich in essential fatty acids and polysaccharides, it is a natural alternative to the chemical ‘petrochemical gels’. Meta vulgaris Beet Extract (Sugar beet): Restores the NMFs and regulates the moisture balance in the skin with immediate and long-lasting results. Tremella Fuciformis (mushroom): White mushroom extract protects the skin from oxidation caused by pollution. Lactococcus Lactis: (Lactic acid) Probiotics that stimulate and improve the skin’s repair function. Natural Collagen: Reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. Natural Tropo-Elastin (Protein): Improves skin elasticity and combats skin aging. Excellence EXT cream: Extremophile Ectoine: Extremely moisturizing, reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity, protects against pollution and repairs UV damage. Exopolysaccharide: Provides long-lasting hydration and has a skin-smoothing effect. Hyaluronic Filling Capsules: Reduces wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and soft. Cyclopeptide: Strengthens collagen and protects the extracellular matrix. Krameria Triandra Root Extract: Active substance for neuro cosmetics (which regulates stress-induced problems in the skin).