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Skin Wise Glowing Skin Gift Set Nannic travel size products

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Glowing Skin Mini Gift Set

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Introducing the secret to radiant, rejuvenated skin with our thoughtfully curated gift set. Three of our most popular products designed to unveil a brighter, smoother, plumper, and healthier complexion.

This mini set features a trio of NANNIC skincare wonders,  chosen to deliver a trans-formative experience. Start with the rejuvenating Willow Bark Peeling Mask (30ml) that gently exfoliates, revealing a luminous and refreshed skin surface. Gently apply a little bit of the Phyto Active Scrub (50ml) over the lips and on dry and oily areas to buff away dead skin cells and soften the skins surface. Then indulge in the luxurious Recovery Calming Mask (50ml) that pampers and nourishes, leaving your skin with a coveted radiant glow. 



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