Prebiotic Multi-Layer Hyaluron Cream Normal/Mixed (50ml)

Prebiotic Multi-Layer Hyaluron Cream Normal/Mixed (50ml)

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Description +

Everyone already knows that hyaluronic acid does wonders for your skin. But did you know that most commercial serums only contain 1 type of hyaluronic acid? That’s fine, but will not give you the “wow” effect you are looking for. Nannic Multi-Layer Hyaluron Cream contains a multitude of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights that penetrate all layers of the skin. The result? Immediate and visible wrinkle reduction, long-term intense hydration, improved skin elasticity and active improvement of the skin barrier for younger, more beautiful, even and healthy skin.

Functions +

Is extremely anti-ageing

Reduces wrinkle depth and improves elasticity

Diminishes fine lines and reduces wrinkles

Refines the skin texture

Nourishes, softens and soothes the skin (less rough and less redness)

Hydrates the skin

Make the skin glow

Boost collagen and fibronectin production

Actively stimulates the skin cells

Actively improves the skin barrier

Improves the skin’s regenerative capacity

Has an anti-inflammatory effect on acne

Is a natural antioxidant

Reduces sebum production

Use +

Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin after the serums. Apply a small amount of cream to the tips of your fingers and massage evenly onto the face and neck. Available in 2 variants: normal to combination skin and dry to sensitive skin.