Prebiotic Vitamin D Serum (30ml)

Prebiotic Vitamin D Serum (30ml)

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Description +

Living in an industrialized world has resulted in a growing worldwide problem of sensitive to hypersensitive skin. NANNIC PREBIOTIC VIT. D SERUM is a complex of two multi-active components and was developed specifically for hypersensitive, reactive, irritated and intolerant skin. A treatment concept that exceeds merely soothing the skin and in conjunction with the skin’s natural microbiome markedly improves skin tolerance.

Functions +

Visibly restores red, sensitive, irritated skin from the first use

Protects against redness

Reduces neurogenic inflammation

Has a filler effect

Improves oxygenation and micro-circulation

Improves skin glow and natural complexion

Improves hydration in the depth of the skin

Has a good effect on psoriasis and atopic skin

Quickly restores erythema

Protects against UV

Protects the skin against oxidation caused by pollution

Men can use it for irritation after shaving

Increases the feel-good hormone ß-endorphin

Use +

Apply in the morning to thoroughly cleansed skin before the cream. Pump a small amount of serum on the palm of your hand, apply onto face and neck and massage gently with the tips of your fingers. The serums are economical in use and contain no added perfume. Suitable for all skin types.