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Obsidian Stone Roller

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Obsidian Stone Roller

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Description +

This gentle massage roller helps to boost the skins complexion and activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. There are two stone heads on the roller. The smaller stone is for the eye contour and upper lip. The larger stone is for the rest of the face and neck.

Benefits +

Relaxes and soothes the skin.

Gives a gentle massage. Stimulates blood flow.

Reduce puffiness.

Can help brighten the skin.

Small stone is particularly nice for the delicate eye contour.

How to use +

1.Use on clean skin. You can use it on dry skin, with product or over a sheet mask (our favorite way).

2.Roll in upwards and outwards movements on the face. See user manual for diagram to follow.

3.Roll for about 2-4 minutes. Dividing the face in half and working on one side at a time.

4.You can use the the Roller as often as like, whenever your face needs a moment of soothing calmness and in need of a quick glow.

Extra tips +

1.Keep your roller moving slowly and smoothly.

2.Give no force or pressure.

3.Apply a tiny drop of oil into the holes of each roller head to stop the squeaking which may occur after a period of use.

4.Not recommended for active, pustular acne, inflamed or highly sensitive skin.

5.As you're using the roller, you will see your skin start to flush, this is a good thing.

How to Clean your Roller +

Use a cloth and soap and water to gently clean the roller after each use. Do not rub or scrub the roller and do not soak it or leave it in water. Gently does it when it comes to cleaning the gem stone.

About Obsidian Stone +

This obsidian natural gem stone comes from Mexico. Black Obsidian is known for its powerful energies and is a strong protective stone. It is believed that Black Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It has a strong connection to the root chakra, the energy center that rules our sense of security and foundation.