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Skin Tone Balancer (30ml)

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Skin Tone Balancer (30ml)

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Description +

Safe serum with triple effect, for use on pigmentation, has a normalizing effect on the skin and can be used for age spots, freckles and pigment spots.

Benefits +

This formula combats the triple mechanism for pigment formation:

Slows down the command that puts pigment cells into effect. Reduces the production of pigment. Slows down the spread of pigmentation. Skin Tone Balancer also contains a powerful antioxidant as well as additionally having a normalising effect on the skin and ensuring a fresh, healthy and even skin tone.

Use: Apply Skin Tone Balancer to clean skin morning and evening, in addition to a serum-in-cream. All skin types. Dermatologically tested, contains clinically proven active ingredients.

The main components and their effect

Melanostatin: a peptide that prevents the formation of pigment. Acid extract: prevents the enzymatic pigment production. Nangka protein: slows down the distribution of pigment in the skin.