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10 things to remember when it comes to your skincare routine

1. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to skincare: Your skin is unique. Don't worry about what others are using and doing to their skin, don't follow the latest trends, focus on your own skin goals and needs. 

2. Achieving healthy glowing skin is a inside and outside job: Great skin is so much more than just applying products. It's a combination of things. Diet, climate, environment, stress and genes all play a role in how your skin looks and feels. Be mindful of the following when you want to achieve long term skin health; eat good nutritious foods, get enough vitamins and minerals, drink enough water, limit alcohol and caffeine, get enough exercise and sleep well, stress less and take precious time out for yourself.

3. Skincare is self-care: Treat your skincare routine as a little luxury, by taking precious time out for yourself. It doesn't matter how much or little time you have, just give yourself that moment of relaxation and be present in applying your skincare products. Put on some music, listen to a podcast or light a candle, do whatever helps you to get into the space of relaxation and allow yourself to switch off for a few minutes. Your products work better into the skin when they are applied more mindfully and not rushed.

4. Your skincare routine doesn't have to complicated or overly expensive: You don't need to have every single product on the market or spend hours on your skincare routine. Know what your skin needs and change things up from time to time (if needed). If you ever feel stuck or lost, reach out to a skincare professional for some guidance, as it can all be confusing at times.

5. Invest in good quality skincare products and treatments: There is a big difference between cosmetic skincare products and cosmeceutical grade skincare products. Cosmetic products are what you can buy in your local department store or get easily over the counter somewhere. Cosmeceutical grade skincare products can only bought from clinics and salons sold by a qualified professional. There is a difference in the ingredient quantity, quality and scientific research in cosmetic and cosmeutical skincare products. Cosmeceutical brands have stronger and more active ingredients in them. They are proven to penetrate into the skin and can cause changes / improvements to the skin. Cosmetic brands on the other hand cannot get past the surface of the skin. They just sit on the top layer of the skin. Cosmetic products may contain 'active' ingredients in them, but the quality and percentage is just not high enough to make any real changes to the skin. Choose your skincare brand wisely. Choose a brand that suits your skin type, concern and budget. Start with the basic products and you can add more if needed as you go. Investing in professional skin treatments is a game changer for your skin, especially if you are trying to improve a skin concern. If you don't know where to begin with products, brands or treatments, do a skin consultation first. Research a skin clinic or salon near you, I think its always important to get a good feel for the place your going to invest your time and money in. Don't be afraid to ask questions before purchasing or booking appointments. There are no silly questions.

6. Our skin is a living, breathing organ: This is something most of us forget. Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects us, it regulates our temperature and it's always changing. Treat it with love and care and invest in it, because it does a lot for you.

7. Pores, the occasional spot and aging is all normal: Skin will never be pore-less or wrinkle free (unless you do botox all the time).Your skin is real, not perfect. We can help large pores, the odd spot and prevent a few wrinkles by using the correct skin products at home and going for professional skin treatments. But just remember, the odd spot is not the end of the world. Ongoing breakouts and pustular acne on the other hand needs to be seen to and treated by a professional. 

8. Results take time: No matter what skin concern your trying to treat you need to remember two things, 1. You can't do it alone. You need professional help, including treatments, products and guidance. 2. You need to be realistic when it comes to achieving results. The problem did not develop over night, so therefore it will not disappear overnight. Products alone will not solve the problem. Professional treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes need to be taken into consideration.

9. Healthy skin should always be the goal, not perfect skin: Perfect skin is not real. Achieving and maintaining long term skin health should always be the goal with your skin. Our skin is always changing and that is normal. We may need to change a few steps in our skincare routine, products or treatments along the way, especially when there is life changes, for example with pregnancy and being on certain medications etc. 

10. Consistency is key: Using your products every now and then is going to give you zero results. If you want to see any results with your skin, you need to be dedicated and consistent. We get new cells every 28 days (even longer as we get older), what we do in this time frame can make a difference to how the skin looks and feels. Get into a good skincare routine now.

Are you satisfied with your skincare routine?

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