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Sheet Masks:

These masks are so refreshing and easy to use. When you have little time just put on a mask in the morgen and combine it with getting ready. Even though these only have to be on for 5/10 minutes they are still very moist and you feel great afterwards. Package is also very easy to use and I love the fact that there are 32 masks in there. Would 100 procent recommend! My skin haa improved so much since I have been applying skin-wise products in my skincare routine

Best sheet masks you can buy. Service is so fast and friendly and Katie is always so helpful with any questions on the products! Instagram account is a great follow as well with great skin care tips! Thanks Katie!

LOVE the soya milk face masks, they are amazing!! I noticed such a difference after only using them a couple of times, skin felt really lovely - hydrated and had such a nice glow, would definitely recommend! I've stocked up on a few more packets and recently gifted to a friend, who recently became a mum for the first time - the perfect gift!! Thanks Katie!! Xxx

I can not get over the quality of the products. They're amazing. I have purchased both the face and eye masks aswell as the cleansing brush. I have been using them for a few weeks and my skin has never been in such good condition. Everything from even the packaging and quick delivery is fantastic. I cant wait wait to try more of Skin Wise products. Thank you Katie!! xx

Obessessed with these eye masks. They are so refreshing and great to put on in morning or evening. I love them!

Absolutely love these eye masks. It feels like such a treat when you’re using them and as there’s 32 pairs they last ages.! Overall a great product, I’d highly recommend.

Ordered the pack of face and eye masks. Super fast delivery. Arrived in beautiful packaging with some very thoughtful extras. Also picked up the facial head band. All the products are excellent quality. Can't wait to see the results from regular use of the masks. Great value too.
Thanks Katie. Wish I had discovered these beauties sooner !


Thank you for the beautiful package. The products are amazing! I am very happy. Such beautiful products and great quality! The eye masks are fantastic, also the facial sheet masks. I already see an improvement in my skin. The facial roller is a big favorite of mine. I use it everyday. Thanks again, Esther.

Keeva on Nov 27 2020

Pop these on when I'm cleaning around the house so no excuses. Relieve puffiness and tired eyes and feel great after first use. Thanks for all the advice Katie

I ordered some masks for the face & eyes and wow did the most amazing package arrive. So pretty & the best customer service. Fast & some great little extras. Ordering more more more.The masks are just fab.Can’t wait to try some of the other products too.Thank you SO SO much Katie. Aine x

These masks are so refreshing. My skin was glowing for a few days after using them. Would definitely recommend.

The sheet masks is really good and keeps my inflammation at bay. It helps to keep my skin nicely hydrated. Thanks!



Skin Wisdom Set:

I am absolutely delighted I purchased the Skin Wisdom Set. Since using all the products in this set, my face has never been as healthy. I have noticed a huge difference in the maintence of my skin. The facial cleanser is a product i cannot live without. I cannot recommend it enough. My skin feels super healthy after using it. I have even noticed with certain times of the month was skin used to breakout with spots... hormones!! but since since using the facial cleanser it really helps with this. The facial cupping set is brillant! It's like a mini facial. Very relaxing. Katie your videos on instagram really helped me to make sure I was using the product correctly. Go check them out!!
Since buying this set, i have really invested in my skin routine and really enjoy using all these products :)

Bridget Oct 15, 2020

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SET!! I am so delighted I purchased the Skin Wisdom set, from the moment I opened the packaging I was in love with the quality and feel of the tools. I have never used facial cups before, but after watching Katies tutorial I jumped straight in and haven't looked back. The cups are now part of my Thursday evening routine, so when I wake up on Friday my skin is revitalised and plumped! The Silicone facial brush is amazing, the bristles feel so soft and gentle, I use it every morning with cleanser and my skin feels super clean and fresh for the day ahead. I also haven't stopped using the Massage Roller. I keep it next to me at my work desk, and just roll when I can. The feeling is addictive and I love the thought of it being a workout for my face :) Katie is super helpful, I had a query about what type of serum I should use with the facial cups and she got back to me in no time. I'm thrilled with everything and delighted I now have a spa-like skincare routine!


Deborah Nov 27, 2020

BEST PRODUCTS, ADORE THEM :) Katie is absolutely amazing and so passionate about what she does. I often have queries about how to look after my skin and she will always help and guide me. Her blog is so informative and refreshing to read I love waking up to her quotes and tips :). I bought this set when it first launched and it is fantastic one of my favorite things to use after a long day. Katie suggested putting the facemask in the fridge which I did and it was so cool and relaxing. I also used my favorite product the roller when I had the mask on and it totally relaxed and destressed me. I love using the roller when I feel tension in my head or jaw it really helps :) The silicone brush is so fab and easy to use, I previously used a facecloth but this is clean with a quick rinse. It feels so nice and gentle on the skin and makes your face feel like it has gotten a really deep scrub. one of the best things when I received this package in the post was how well it was packaged and displayed it was so fun and exciting to open each part of the set. I got so much enjoyment out of it and really made me feel like I treated myself :). I would 100% recommend all Katie's products it is clear she invests so much, time and energy into choosing the right things. I really feel like I can now treat myself any evening I want with this set. will definitely be purchasing more masks :)


Jodie Dec 04, 2020

IF I COULD GIVE 10 STARS I WOULD. From the moment the box arrived at my door I was blown away by the quality and the presentation. I have worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years and I have never seen a home care kit of this standard. I have just used for the first time and already know this is a game changer, my skin feels Amazing 😍. If you don't have time to visit a salon regularly or have been quilty of neglecting (me) your skin then this is the perfect little box to invest in... I love that it's not going to run out or go out of date and can be used with skin care products of my choice. I honestly feel like my skins been reborn

Facial Cleansing Device:

I really love using the Silicone Facial Cleansing Device. The shape of the device is ideal for exfoliating around the nose and mouth, and I love that the two sides are different sizes! Leaves my skin super soft afterwards.

Love SkinWise so much- for both myself and as presents! The cleansing device has been such an amazing addition to my skincare routine and I really notice a difference.
The packaging that the products arrive in is also fab and it’s so obvious so much thought and care went into each part. The user guides are also spot on and so helpful.
Would highly recommend! Love this product so much.


I love the cleansing brush! The small pointed top is perfect for those little corners around your nose!

I love the silicone brush! After using it my skin feels very soft!

I really like this product because it helps me to cleanse my skin properly. My skin feels so soft after using it. Thanks so much Katie can’t wait to try another tool!

Love Love Love! Can't believe I haven't been using this product sooner. It really is the electric toothbrush for the face. Feel cleaner look cleaner and my skin is much brighter after 3 weeks. Great advice from Katie throughout.