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Skin Wise

Phytoactive Scrub (200ml)

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Description +

Environmentally friendly, mild scrub that prevents loss of moisture: Removes dead skin cells. Stimulates the growth of new cells. Fully biodegradable for the environment. The skin feels pure and fully hydrated.

Benefits +

Cleansing scrub with ivory nut exfoliating particles:

Removes dead skin cells. Normalises sebum secretion. Regulates the bacterial moisture balance of the skin. Prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Improves the keratin structure of the skin. Exfoliating particles from the Tagua Palm: skin friendly and biodegradable for the environment.

Result: the skin immediately becomes smooth and regains its youthful, fresh and glowing look.

Use: Apply in circular motions to damp skin. Avoid the area around the eyes and rinse well.

The main components and their effect

Vegetable ivory: gentle for the skin and nature. Hydrating wheat germ protein: rich in vitamin E, has a revitalising and calming effect, so that the skin obtains structure and balance again.