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Introduction to Japanese Skincare

Japan is known for many wonderful things, but what you may not have known is that they have the BEST skincare in the world.

The Japanese are ahead of anyone else in the skincare industry. They view the skin as their most 'prized possession' and they want the best products available. Japanese brands invest heavily in scientific research for their products. That is what makes them very different to others.

They are known for their science and quality of ingredients. They use ingredients that have been beloved for centuries, but use advanced techniques and delivery systems to enhance them. The Japanese costmetics industry is one of the oldest and most traditional in the world. They do not follow 'trends'. They believe in doing what suits you and feels good to you.

Japanese women focus daily on wellness and self-care. We believe very much in the same values and that is one of the many reasons why we stock beautiful, result driven Japanese sheet masks.

Our face masks and eye masks come straight from Japan. Everything is written in Japanese on the packaging. Please read the Skin Wise User Manual carefully that comes with your order and on the discription when ordering through This has all the important information and guidelines you need.

Happy face masking.

Be Skin Wise!

Love, Katie x