NANNIC Skincare Products



NANNIC Skincare Products

We are very happy to stock the excellent, advanced NANNIC skincare products, which have an exceptional formulation, identical to our skin cells. The products contain a maximum concentration of active, natural ingredients, which work synergistically, to optimize skin improvement. They are a vegan skincare brand, based in Belgium.

UV Shield SPF Spray

Our most popular selling product from NANNIC is the UV Shield SPF Spray. This is a refreshing and easy to use Ultra Violet Protection, for those who wear makeup or find reapplying SPF during the day, difficult.

Willow Bark Peeling 

The Willow Bark Peeling is another very popular product. This product gently exfoliates the skin, helping to improve impurities under the skin, without irritating the barrier. It is suitable for all skin types.

To find out more about which products would be most suitable for your skin, please ask us at your next facial appointment.

These products are available for purchase in our skin clinic, or can be ordered online, or by emailing us at

Katie Guerin

Skin Wise