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Simple Evening Skincare Routine

It's nice to see your evening skincare routine as a way to unwind after the day. I know some people are busy and that can make them skip this step at times. But let me share a few of the must do's for your skin before bed.

To make your evening skincare routine extra zen on the nights you have time, add a candle and some relaxing music. This can really help you to switch off for the night.

Evening skincare steps and tips:

Cleanse: Always wash the day off before you sleep. Dust, debris and dirt can all build up on our skin throughout the day, so it is important to do a evening cleanse before bed. When you are cleansing make sure you massage the cleansing product right into the skin and work well into the corners of the nose and hair line. Remove the cleanser from your skin with a lukewarm face cloth. It's nice to hold the face cloth over your face for a few seconds and take some deep breathes.

Double cleansing: The method of cleansing your skin twice. First cleanse is with a oil base cleanser and the second cleanse is a water base cleanser. The first oil base cleanse, (think oils, balms and cream cleansers) will help to break down whatever has built up on the surface of the skin. The second cleanse (think gel base cleansers) can work better into the pores when the skin is already clean. You don't always have to double cleanse and it's not for everyone. However if you have acne prone skin or you wear a lot of makeup on your face then you should do this step if you don't already.

Toner: Toners are nice because they help to bring the skin back to it's normal pH level after cleansing. They also stay on the skin, so it's nice to use a toner with active ingredients suitable for your skin type. Toners help to prepare your skin for further absorption of serums and creams.

Serums: The serious part! As you probably know, serums contain lovely active ingredients. The molecule size of serums is small, so they can get much further into the skin than creams can. Choose a serum for your skin type or concern. Serums should always be applied after cleansing/toning and before moisturising. If you use a retinol serum it should be applied on it's own, with no other serums. Retinol should only be used in the night time.

Moisturiser: Last but not least of an evening skincare routine. Moisturisers seal in moisture and give comfort to the surface of the skin. When your skin feels extra dry you can swap your moisturiser for a nice facial oil or a hydrating mask to sleep in.

So there you have a few evening skincare routine tips. Try to see your skincare routine as a moment for yourself. Whether you have five minutes or twenty. Enjoy applying your products, be mindful of what you are doing and always use the products for your skin type or concern.

Some add on's to your evening skincare routine could be; The Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush and The Massage Roller.

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