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Skin Wise Nannic in flight essential

Skin Wise

Instant Flight Protection (15ml)

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Description +

Prevents dehydrated skin and bags under the eyes during your flight.

Benefits +

Exclusively developed to protect the skin against climatic fluctuations that can occur during the flight or in an air conditioned environment.

Regulates the moisture management. Keeps collagen and elastin in optimal condition: prevents bags and expansion of small broken capillaries. Improves the absorption of oxygen by the capillaries. Prevents dry, dehydrated skin and bags. Strong antioxidant. Excellent repair of sun damage.

Use: Apply Instant Flight Protection daily to clean skin after applying an active serum. Tip: excellent repair of sun damage. Ideal to take on a trip, along with Travel Size Cleansing Kit, UV-Shield, Miracle Lips.

The main components and their effect

Chamomile extract: improves the cell immunity. Sesame protein: tightening and hydrating. Vitamin E: antioxidant Glucosaminoglycans: slows down the break-down enzyme. Algae: protects the capillaries.