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Skin Wise

NANNIC Silky Smooth Exfoliant (200ml)

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Description +

GIVE YOUR SKIN A MEGA BOOST with this highly efficient, yet ultra-gentle scrub with skin-improving properties.

Do you want to thoroughly exfoliate without damaging your skin and improve your skin at the same time? This is possible with NANNIC SILKY SMOOTH EXFOLIANT a blend of mechanical and keratolytic peeling and so much more … (see below for more information)

Benefits +

This gel to milk formula contains round spherical scrub-particles of natural origin. The scrub beads are completely bio-degradable, without any plastics and are round-shaped with no sharp edges. Although extremely efficient, the scrub does not cause any redness or skin damage.

NANNIC SILKY SMOOTH EXFOLIANT also contains a rich cocktail of additional skin healing and barrier supporting components.

Mild exfoliation on a regular basis is necessary for faster cell regeneration and it stimulates the formation of new skin cells, which results in fresh, smooth, rejuvenated skin. Our Silky Smooth Exfoliant can be used multiple times a week for a thorough exfoliation of the face/neck/cleavage without damaging the skin.

Instructions: Suitable for any skin type. First, cleanse your skin with ‘Nannic Pure Active Cleanser’. Then massage the scrub onto dry skin in circular motions. Emulsify with lukewarm water until it becomes a milk, continue massaging for a while and rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Tip: Apply ‘Nannic Terracotta Clay masker’ after scrubbing, this mixture of pure red and white clay and unsaturated oils is intensely nourishing, deeply purifying and will smooth out the skin.