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Clinic and Treatments FAQ

I want to book a treatment but I am not sure which one to choose?

When booking a treatment online, focus on the time frame you would like. All of our Facial treatments are customized and tailored to your specific skin needs on the day. This changes with every visit. When you visit for the first time a consultation is always carried out before hand so we can get to know you and your skin better. However, you can always send a email to and we will happily help you.

I want to book a treatment online but I can't find a suitable time?

Please email and we will do a our best to find a suitable date and time for you. 

What is involved in the skin consultation?

Our consultations are quite in depth. We will never do a treatment without a consultation first. This allows us to dig deep with your skin concerns, go through your current routine and map out a suitable treatment plan for you.

I am thinking to book a treatment but what can I expect? 

You can expect to be taken good care of, feel very relaxed and leave with happy healthy skin. You will have a little redness after your facial but this is normal and will subside. 

What is the Welcome Treatment?

The Welcome Treatment is for first time clients visiting our clinic. This treatment includes a consultation and introduction skin treatment based on your skin concerns and needs. The treatment is 60 minutes. 

What is involved in each of the different skin treatments?

What we do in each of our facial treatments very much depends on our client. What their skin needs, what their skin goals are and what is suitable for them in that moment. We choose what is necessary for them. Some steps include, deep cleansing, extractions, masking, infusing hydration, deep tissue massage, sculpting massage, lymphatic drainage massage, cupping, Radio Frequency and Light Therapy.

What is the difference between the 60, 75 and 90 minute Bespoke Facials?

Bespoke means custom made. No two facials at Skin Wise are the same. They are tailored to you and your skin on the day. The difference between the facial duration is that we have more time in the longer treatments to do more techniques and deep tissue massage. The 90 minute facial is our Ultimate Signature Facial Treatment because this ensures we get to use the best tools, devices and massage techniques necessary to deliver wonderful results.

Who is the Radio Frequency Facial for?

Everyone! This facial is the absolute best for all skin rejuvenation no matter your concern. It works by heating up the dermis and stimulating your natural collagen and elastin production. Great for a healthy glow. It is especially good for those concerned with wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck. Its fantastic for lifting and sculpting the facial contours. A course of 6 treatments is recommended as a kick start to the skin for those serious about results. Our NANNIC 3000 RF device is non invasive, pain free and feels like a hot stone massage. Read more about it on our blog.

Who is the RF not for?

Rosacea skin, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Those with a pacemaker and metal pins and plates.

I want to book the Radio Frequency Series but I can't online?

A in-depth consultation must be carried out in clinic first to determine if this treatment is suitable for you and to explain more about it in person. The 6 treatments must be booked ahead of time within the recommended series time frame for best results. Please email to make the consultation appointment.

Can you help Acne skin?

Yes. Acne skins can be quite a journey. Mapping out a suitable treatment and home care plan is key.

What brands do you use in the treatment room?

In the treatment room we work with SkinCeuticals and NANNIC. Both of these brands are cosmecutical skincare brands, backed by science. Their formulas and ingredients are very high quality.

I have never had a facial but I would like to start taking care of my skin better and get some more advice please?

Absolutely. A consultation would be the best start and we will take it from there. We will be happy to help guide you.

I want to buy a gift for someone but I don't know what to choose?

You can focus on the time frame or budget you would like to spend and leave the rest to us. We will ensure that they are happy with whatever facial treatment they get. We can post out gift vouchers and hand write a note for them if you like too. Gift vouchers can be bought online from our online shop or pick up in clinic. For more information you can always give us a call +31 6 28598598 or email us

Can I have a treatment while pregnant?

Absolutely yes! Such a treat for you and help you to relax. There are certain ingredients and devices we don't use during pregnancy and won't focus too much on changes to the skin until after the pregnancy. But for general skin health and over all relaxation they are perfectly fine.

How often should you have a facial?

This is different for everyone. But what I always say to my clients is to remember that we get new skin cells produced every 28 days. This process slows down as we get older. You need to keep that time frame in mind. When you are working on a specific skin concern and want to see results faster - then it is better to come more often and do a series of treatments - this depends on the concern (a consultation will determine this). Some clients come every 4-6 weeks and others every 10-12 weeks. It really depends on you, your budget and your skin goal.

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