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Introduction to our Skincare Tools

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is always changing. We will only ever get one skin, so therefore we should look after it with care. Going for professional skin treatments and having good quality skincare products at home, are key for a healthy skin. But what about using skin tools? How can they benefit your skin?

’'What are Skin Tools’’? I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you all about the amazing benefits of using different skin tools in your routines at home. There are more than just ‘skin’ benefits with using these tools.

  • Increase blood circulation

Getting the blood moving around the face is key for a healthy skin. Where there is blood flow, there is life. The redder the skin gets the better. This shows a healthy blood circulation. When the blood is moving, healthy oxygen is coming to the skin cells and all skin processes are able to take place. The Silicone Facial Brush, 3D Massage Roller and Facial Cupping Set all get the blood flowing around the skin.

  •  Stimulate lymphatic drainage

Removing toxins from the face and body is very important. When this is not done the face and especially under the eyes can look puffy and dull in complexion. Stimulating the lymphatic system by doing massage and draining towards the lymph nodes can improve how the skin looks. Always follow our diagram of lymphatic drainage arrows when wanting to stimulate the lymphatic system using the 3D Massage Roller and the Facial Cupping Set. (You will find this diagram under the above tools descriptions and in user manual that comes with your order).

  • Release tight and stiff muscles

Our face has muscles too. All muscles can get tight and sore. It is good to release any tension held in the facial contours. Those who suffer with headaches can benefit from the massage effects of the 3D Massage Roller and the Facial Cupping Set. Not to use them while having a headache. The movement of massage can help to release any unwanted tension in areas. Those who grind their teeth can have a sore or painful jaw area. Massaging with the tools in this area can help to loosen the tightness here and make that area more comfortable.

  • Aids relaxation and encourages self-care

Life is busy. Most people do not take enough time out for themselves. If you don’t look after yourself then who will? We encourage you to find time for yourself, to take a moment of self-care, when it is possible. These tools can be used anywhere and anytime. Put on some relaxing music and enjoy your time using them. Or when that is not possible, multi-task and use them! Use the Massage Roller when reading in bed, in the bath, watching netflix on the couch or working behind the computer. 

  • Improve product absorption

When the face is massaged, circulation is boosted and oxygen is coming to the cells. This makes the products you use afterwards penetrate much better into the skin and work more effectively.

  • Stimulates natural collagen production

Hey antiaging! When the blood flow and oxygen is triggered in the skin by massage, collagen is stimulated. Collagen is very important. Our own natural collagen production declines when we are 25, yes 25! It decreases more in women after menopause. Collagen is also decreasing from smoking, UV rays and eatting too much sugar. 

  •  Boosts and brightens complexion

The increase in blood circulation and oxygen in the skin brings a healthy natural glow to the face. Evening and brightening the skin tone.

  • Softens the surface of the skin

Things we can’t see like dead skin cells, bacteria and debris all build up on the surface of the skin. Massaging your cleanser with the Silicone Facial Brush around the face and neck is amazing for a super good cleanse. See it like your electric tooth brush for the face! When dead skin and the likes are removed from the surface of the skin, the skin will feel much softer and products will work better into the skin.

Our skin does not know how old it is. It acts on how we treat it. Treat it with loving tender care!

Be Skin Wise!

Love, Katie x

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