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Skin Wise Nannic best moisturiser for plumping the skin Collagen Boost

Skin Wise

Collagen Boost – Day & Night Repair (50ml)

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Description +

Highly concentrated moisture restoring day and night care formula which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits +

This highly concentrated moisture restoring day and night care formula with active peptides reduces wrinkles and fine lines and provides intensive moisturization. Increases the quality and quantity of collagen, reduces the depth of expression lines, reverses UV damage, firms the skin, improves elasticity and gives a beautiful complexion.

Use: apply morning and evening to clean skin over your NANNIC active serum. Dermatologically tested, contains clinically proven active ingredients. And finally use UV-Shield to end your anti-ageing routine to protect the skin against the effects of damaging radiation.

The main components and their effect

Squalene: Antioxidant. Reduces wrinkles, improves scars, reverses UV damage, lightens pigment spots. Short chain hyaluronic acid: Keeps water in the skin. Acetyl octapeptide: Reduces the depth of expression lines. Pseudoaltermonas Ferment Extract: Promotes the production of collagen and elastin, improves moisture management.