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Prebiotic Start Up Box Stratum Symbiosum®
Prebiotic Start Up Box Stratum Symbiosum®
Prebiotic Start Up Box Stratum Symbiosum®
Prebiotic Start Up Box Stratum Symbiosum®

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Prebiotic Start Up Box Stratum Symbiosum®

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Description +

Elevate Your Skincare with NANNIC's Stratum Symbiosum Starter Kit Box: Unleash the Power of Your Skin's Microbiome!

Discover the ultimate harmony between science and nature. Specially formulated to nurture and revitalize your skin's microbiome, this kit is your gateway to a truly radiant complexion.

Infused with a triumphant trio of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, each product in this kit is meticulously designed to cultivate and maintain a flourishing skin ecosystem.

Advantages of Prebiotic start up box Stratum Symbiosum®: +

All-in-one, complete skin care routine
Each step is perfectly aligned with the previous and next
Purifies and refreshes
Smoothes imperfections and pores
Evens out the complexion
Soothes sensitivity, improves skin intolerances
Reduces wrinkles
Improves skin elasticity, and lifts the skin
Increases collagen production
Strengthens the skin barrier
Deep hydration and care

Usage: +

Choose your skin type! Prebiotic start up box Stratum Symbiosum® is available in 2 versions: for normal to combination / oily skin and for normal to dry skin. The difference is in the Multi-Layer Hyaluron Cream: both boxes contain the same products, only the cream differs.
Follow the steps in the supplied brochure. You use all products both morning and evening, except Vitamin D Serum (specifically morning) and Stem Cell Recovery Serum (specifically evening).

This starterbox contains: +

1x Prebiotic Pore Care Cleanser 150ml
1x Prebiotic Agave Toner 50ml
1x Prebiotic Pore Refiner Serum 30ml
1x Vitamin D Serum 30ml
1x Stem Cell Recovery Serum 30ml
1x Multi- Layer Hyaluron Cream 50ml (Dry/ Sensitive Skin or Normal/ Mixed Skin)
1x Flyer Stratum Symbiosum®