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Skin wise nannic best gentle soothing face mask

Skin Wise

Recovering & Calming Cream Mask 200ml

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Description +

The skin barrier can be damaged under the influence of various factors, e.g. stress, pollution, UV radiation, improper diet, aging, hormonal fluctuations.  These can disrupt the skin barrier so that it can no longer fulfill its skin functions. Microorganisms and pollutants can enter the skin. The skin becomes red, itchy and shows visible damage. NANNIC RECOVERING & CALMING CREAM MASK quickly helps restore moisture to barrier function and has a de-stressing and soothing effect. Use: It is recommended to first cleanse the skin with NANNIC Pure Active Cleansing and exfoliate with NANNIC White Willow Bark Peeling Mask or NANNIC Silky Smooth Exfoliant. This allows the mask to take effect optimally. Apply mask evenly to face and neck and cleavage if desired. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, emulsify with lukewarm water and wipe off with cleansing sponges.

Benefits +

Stimulates collagen and elastin production for more elastic skin

Soothes skin hypersensitivity

Improves the skin barrier

Reduces redness and burning, itchy feeling

Cleanses deep into pores & regulates sebum production

Has an anti-inflammatory effect

Reduces clogging of pores

Regulates sebum secretion

Deeply hydrates and boosts the skin